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Our Body我们身体

Our immune system is the responses towards microorganisms, when there is action (bacteria or virus infection), there will be reaction (physiological responses liked inflammation), our body has a wise way to balance it. However, microorganisms evolve more rapidly than we do, the mechanisms of our immune system has to be fast enough to catch their pace, before the antigen get recognised and altered by the invaders.

We have various way to improve or helping the ecological balance, maintaining our immune system is one of many ways.



Indications For Use适用症状

Boosts Immune System, Anti-inflammatory Properties, Cankers & Other Mouth Sores, Cold Sores, Flu, Food Poisoning, Inflammation of The Joints, Laryngitis, Sore Throat, Thrush, Tooth Decay, Urinary Tract Infection, Vaginal Yeast Infection, Water Purification, Disinfection and General Well-Being.



  • Our Body我们的身体

    Our body is like an hospital, operates 24 hours a day, it watches our system even over meals, or when we rest at night. Imagine an hospital whom who never close its’ gate. Pathogens are microorganisms - such as bacteria and viruses keep sending in to this ‘hospital’ everyday - that cause disease. Bacteria release toxins, and viruses damage our cells. White blood cells (Good doctor) of immune system can ingest and destroy pathogens.

    你知道吗?我们的身体犹如一家医院,24 小时不眠不休,不管你在开心的用餐,还是安心的睡觉。对我们身体有害的细菌/病毒不断进到我们的身体。细菌释放毒素,病毒破坏细胞,照理说免疫系统里的白血球(好医生)可以毁灭这些病原.

  • A Masked Intruders入侵者

    Yes, if we have Good doctor (immune system) in this hospital, we can simply stay healthy. But, why are we still weak? It might because our ‘doctor’ is overworked, but, it could also because, our ‘doctors’ are hijacked, by a masked intruders (pathogen or virus), our ‘doctors’ lost their function, though they might be screaming silently, wanting to be freed and to fight back.


  • Fine Rescuer拯救者

    Nano silver - mineral water is a fine rescuer, whom who can gets into ‘your hospital’ in many ways, to unleashed these Good doctors, so that they could fight with these masked intruders, the culprit that makes our body weak.

    Nano silver - mineral water就是一个精巧的‘拯救者’,它可以轻易的混入这家‘医院’,为你的‘医生’解开束缚,让他们能恢复功能,解决掉这些入侵你身体,让你身体虚弱的‘大坏蛋’。

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    Of Our


How it works?如何操作?

Nano silver - mineral water refers to extremely tiny particles of silver ions, with diameters as tiny as below 10 nanometres. The incredibly minute size of nano silver particle enables it to penetrate tiny spaces found in living cells. On top of that, it also has a high surface area. All chemical reactions take place on the surface of nano silver. Each silver particle has a positive electrical charge that is attracted to the negatively charged viruses, fungi, bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. When nano silver comes in contact with a microbe, it kills the microbe by damaging its cell membrane. Once the membrane is destroyed, the cell becomes leaky and it gradually dies.

Keeping a good Nano silver drinking habit, as low as 10-20ml a day, would help to balance the mechanism system in your body, further reducing the pathogen/ virus count which is potentially harmful to our body.

Nano silver指的是围径10纳米以下的银离子,它能轻易的穿越细胞表层,此外,它带正电的高面积层,吸引负电表面的病毒,细菌,霉菌,甚至有害微生物,一单它们和纳米银离子接触,其细胞组织就会被破坏,而不再会对身体构成危害。

每天习惯性的饮用10-20 ml的Nano silver - mineral water, 将会让身体免疫系统机制处于平衡状态,将这些无时无刻无所不在的有害细菌/病毒,降低它们在身体里徘徊的风险,将之排出体外。


Nano silver - mineral water is a solution that contains distilled water and very minute silver ions that are positively charged.
(It’s not a junk that will jammed up your body system, due to its super fine size)

Nano silver - mineral water就只有蒸馏水和纳米大小,带正电的银离子。

Test Report测验报告

What Make Us So Special独特之处

Please refer to analogy before reading the following:

Unlike product that introduce ‘good doctors’ (supplements) to our body, we are more likely to help the doctors in your body. Unlike introducing ‘specialist’ in our ‘hospital’, where certain chemical/antibiotics with specific target, we are more likely to keeping the whole hospital functioning, when Nano silver - mineral water helps you to get rid of the pathogen in your body.

An expended ‘hospital’ with fit ‘doctors’ can than only be able to fight all battles. At such, one’s health is promising, and its beyond your expectation, surprise for good.


有别于一般“给医院(身体)增加医生(免疫力)”的附加产品,我们更倾向于帮助你身体里“已经有的医生”;有别于给这家介绍“专科医生”以及对症下药,Nano silver - mineral water协助于移除身体里的有害微生物(如:病毒和细菌),能帮助身体的免疫系统维持在平衡状态。一个偌大的‘医院’,加上‘健康的医生’才有能力让身体百战百胜,因此迎来健康的身体。让你有意想不到的结果,甚至是惊喜!


Our policy, which is made from a good technology, made in good hands, and made for good reasons, for our users.我们的方针,就是从完美的技术制造,全然完美的过程,务必为你带来完美的成效。

“The supercharged immune system becomes far beyond what anyone had previously dreamed.”
(Dr.Bob Beck)
(Dr. Bob Beck)




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